Our engineers with more than 20 years expertise ready to provide and design total kitchen and laundry solutions that can be customized using the latest CAD systems and codified work methods to achieve top quality standards in the shortest time for any project size.
Our Company Design Philosophy:
Our commitment is to assist our clients in defining objectives and implementing design solutions to meet the client's requirements. Kitchen Designers provides con-sultation, engineering and latest technology of food processing and laundries for prestigious projects such as Five stars hotels, Hospitals, Palaces, Private villas,Governmental Buildings, Residential complexes, canteens and Restaurants. Our engineers are expert in the field of turnkey installations for kitchen and laundry projects mainly for international hotel chains and airline catering units.
A correct layout means exploiting all the available space to the maximum and the optimal employment of the human resources of the kitchen whilst minimising the risk of contamination of the food,respecting regulations and hygiene,as well as making sure the equipment is of a size to cope with number of covers. We perform an accurate study of space and volume to achieve an optimized working environment and eliminating/minimizing possible risk factors.